South Africa, Southern Circle

Pre Arrival in Jo’burg

Because of the tour starting very early in the morning, we decided to arrive one day early and spend the day in Johannesburg. As we had the whole day to ourself and nothing on the agenda we asked our airport transfer jouffeur to drive by Johannesburg city center so that we could have a quick look to get an overview of the city.The driver was very happy about us asking for that and he explained that he wanted to start a tour company and showed us the whole two hour guided tour that he was planning to start. 

The highlights of the city tour was:
– Seing the Nelson Mandela House and the Apartheid Museum
– Stopping for a quick look at the newly built football stadium, the township and concert park
– Driving past the worlds biggest hospital (which was huge!)
– Seing the lively downtown, with the mineshaft and coalwagon in the walking street “Main Straat”

All in all I would not say that Johannesburg is the most impressing city to visit, but it was interesting to be introduced to the history behind aparteid and the mining industry which has shaped Johannesburg into the city it is today. 

The evening was spent getting to know the rest of the group who we would travel with for the next 24 days through six African countries.