United States

Route 66 and Death Valley

Driving a car is the best way to travel in Europe, or like in our case, let the G Adventures guide drive it for you.

Roads are wide, parking spots are spacious and plentyful and there are drive ins catering for every need (even including weddings!). We have spent a minimum of three hours on the road every day, where we have been driving both on highways and through small town America. One of these places was a town called Seligman, which was used as inspiration for the Pixar movie called Cars. Here we got to dine at the famous Snow Cap restaurant and drink a root 66 beer.

Another sweet spot that we stopped at along the way was the Death Valley where the temperature was as high as 47°c! I have never felt such heat, and apparently it is because the valley is the lowest point in North America and rarely get any percipitation. The salt flats there proved to be an excellent place for skateboarding although twenty minutes of being in crivity there was more than enough.