El Salvador

San Salvador’s Puerto del Diablo

Big cities and commercial centers in Central America are very similar. They are busy and noisy all day long, but usually you would find some churches, monuments and markets that are nice. The same goes for San Salvador, where one of the markets was even placed right outside one of the nicest churches.

San Salvador is also know for being in the middle of volcanoes so day trips for hiking is a popular activity. I had heard about a place just one hour with bus from the city center (25us cents) called “el Puerto del Diablo”- the devils door which was free to visit and offered several hiking trails. The view from the top was absolutely amazing and from there you could do zip lining down two lines which just cost 3us dollars. Eating a minuto (shaved ice with lime and salt) from the top was a great way of spending some of my last hours in El Salvador before flying to Panama City.