Eurotrip, Great Britain

Scotch and Haggis in the land of the Kilt!

After packing my bag, I flew from Stavanger to Aberdeen in the North of Scotland. The flight was only about and hour, and then I went down to Glasgow by train to have a four year reunion with the people who I went on an AFS exchange year with in Austria in 2006/2007. Even with years passing without seeing each other, it was as we got on just where we left each other four years ago. We went out seeing the nightlife in Glasgow, ate Haggis and visited the castle where J.K Rowling got her inspiration for Harry Potter and where several of the movie scenes were shot. Saturday was spent in Edinburgh, where a comedy festival was going on, so the streets were packed with people, including Elaine Davidson, the woman who has the Guinness World Record for being the most pierced woman in the world. 

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