St. Lucia


St. Lucia might be the island so far that has lacked the most character. It is a nature heaven with beaches, cliff and mountains but is all to developed. It was the only place in the Caribbean where I have seen big malls with american shoes such as radioshack and Massy Megastore. And if you wanted to see any of the sights, it seemed like the most popular way was by day tours that might include zip living, riding a safari jeep or similar.

St. Lucia could as well have become the most boring country I had visited in the Caribbean if it wasnt for a local guy that I met who offered me to string up my hammock in his backyard. He was a real rastafarian artist who was living in a tent inside his own house which was on the edge of a cliff. He shared his rum and view of life as a rastafarian with me. Normally I would go to bed not long after sunset here in the Caribbean, but here we ended up talking a lot of the night away about everything from politics to the meaning of life.

Another thing that St. Lucia was famous for was the Caribbeans only drive in Volcano. As I didnt have a car I took a bus to the city of Soufriere and walked the last kilometers into the gates. I paid ten bucks for a five minute tour at the viewpoint where one could see boiling mud which was not really worth it, especially when I found out that the whole city of Soufriere is already inside the volcano and that the volcano never had any eruption of lava. Mud bathing in the volcano was fun though!