Stryn, Sæbø and Trandal

The drive from Sogndal to Volda was also quite scenic, with the area around Stryn being my favorite.

After I had finished my presentation in Volda I went for a 25km drive to a small city called Sæbø, which only has a church and a small shop but where young people have moved as it has fantastic oportunities for hiking, base jumping and paragliding among steep hilltops along the edge of the fjord.

My goal was to see a swing located in Trandal, a village of 11 people without any roads. I had to hitchhike with a boat to get there and back, and it was well worth it. The swing must be the most scenic in the World, and if I would have had time I would also have hiked up Mt.Dalegubben to have a rest at a scenic hammock on top of the mountain.

A stop along Hjelledølen on the way up to Videfossen Waterfall