Liberia, Surfing

Surfing Robertsport

About a two hour drive West of the capital, towards the Sierra Leone border you find a quiet and peaceful beach called Robertsport. The second half of the drive was bumpy dirt roads leading down to a small village by the beach, where there were just a few bungalows and one restaurants, a true paradise known for having some of West Africas best waves for surfing.

Taxis run the whole way from the Douala district in Monrovia for just over 4 US dollars, but I was lucky enough to catch a ride with some American expats who were going there on a weekend escape.

Nanas Lodge had tents for rent and let me pitch my own tent for 5 dollars a night. I negotiated a surf board rent for 5 dollars a day and spent the mornings and afternoons, when the waves were at their peaks, surfing with a few local kids who used surfboards that had been left behind by travelers or simply simple home made wooden boards.

There was a beach break called Fisherman’s which would be perfect for beginners with whitewater waves in shallow water, but I spent my time by the rocks next to the camp sites which was a fantastic left hand break.

In the evening we went over to another lodge which was being built by some good guys who made bonfires every evening. They told me that they would open their surf camp in November with a pool, cheap air conditioned sleeping pods and even a woodfired pizza oven which will turn Robertsport into a backpackers Mecca. I can’t wait to get back to this place to see what it is like when it is done!