United States

The City of Angeles


If you look along the roads, while you are driving into the City of Angeles, you start seeing palms and nice big buildings until you reach Venice Beach in the West of Los Angeles. Even though it is the second biggest city in the United States, you do not feel any of the stress that people walk around with in New York City, which is the only American city bigger than L.A. When walking along Venice beach, you would notice a lot of people speaking foreign languages, and others trying to show off their bodies to impress all the tourists coming there daily. Along the whole beach there is a small road for bicycles, longboards and rollerblades with bike rentals and restaurants of all kinds of nationalities.

After passing the road sign for Beverly Hills, the tarmac on the roads gets better and the grass along the roads greener. Beverly Hills is the people who want to stay forever young and for people who are too rich to care about money. Longboarding through the neighborhoods is a great way of seeing the houses and to feel how much better the roads are than in other neighborhoods.

The flexibility of having a car gave us the opportunity to see Hollywood as well. It is also possible to go on guided bus tours, but we decided to take the drive, and park by the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Here the pavement is filled with stars that have the name of famous people, such as Sonja Hennie who was the only Norwegian celebrity I could find. There are also a lot of people walking around in costumes, dressed as Batman, Spongebob  and other movie characters who will pose for a picture if you give them a little tip. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is also a famous shopping district, with stores who are specializing in usually one expensive brand.

If you have seen Disneyland in Paris, it is not worth visiting the Disneyland in Anaheim,  as the European Disneyland is a copy of the one in California. Another thing Los Angeles is famous for is the Universal Studios, which are opens for tourists to visit. We decided not to go in, as the full access tickets were 109$ for adults, but it might be worth seeing if you are going there with your family, as it is supposed to have something for every taste.