The Historical City of Osh

Osh is the starting point of the so-called Pamir Highway and has been a central city in Asian history as a trading hub along the Silk Road. Today, 2500 years after the city was founded it is Kyrgyzstans second biggest city, but has still kept its unorganized, ancient architecture, different to the more newly founded and therefore more organized Bishkek.

In the morning, after having spent 12 hours in a cargo van coming from the capital, it was too hot (nearly 40 degrees!) to do anything, so I had to wait until the late afternoon to start exploring the city.

The main square had a huge flag, which locals claimed was Central Asias biggest and a big Lenin statue facing it. Like Bishkek there were lots of parks, some nicely decorated for the wedding season that had just started.

The main attraction in the city was the Suleiman-Too Mountain and Solomons Throne, which is a muslim place of pilgrimage, supposedly because Prophet Muhammed once prsyed there. The mountain top was a great place to watch the sunset and get a good view of the city.