The Kharakoram Highway

The drive from Islamabad to Hunza Valley went on steep mountain roads where my bus was overtaking other vehichles, being just centimeters from the steep hills on the side of the road.

Although how scary it was, I could not get my eyes off the scenic mountain landscape on the way up, and as I got closer to Hunza Valley, I realized that the scenery would only get better and better.

Together with another traveler from Hong Kong, I decided to rent a 125cc motorbike for 15 US dollar a day and drive up the road all the way to the Chinese border. First stop was Attabad Lake, where there were lots of Pakistani tourists going on boat rides on the lake that was formed by an earth quake and filled with crystal blue colored glacier water.

We continued the drive up to the city called Sost, half way to the China border to have lunch and stopped by small lakes and viewpoints along the way.

During the drive we saw a couple of landslides and at one point the road was full of rocks and people who were working on clearing the road. Except for that the road was in exceptional condition, unlike the narrow gravel roads from Islamabad to Gilgit.