The Open Air Museum Called Rome

Rome is a city I had wanted to visit my whole life. It used to be the center of the coolest empire in all of human history and now a lot of the remains still stand tall in the middle of the city. One of these was one of the seven new wonders of the World, called Coloseo where gladiators had been fighting a couple of thousand years ago. Another was the Piazza Venecian, which was a huge white marble building with fountains, statues and pillars. Quite some majestic sights!

All these sights were easily reached with the metero as there was a stop right outside our hostel called the Yellow. The hostel had also been rated among the top 10 party hostels in the World, so the happy hour and live music there lead us to meet some Australians who took us with them to the Rome Ice Club. Being 37°C during the day and still hot and humid at night it was a pleasant experience walking into -5°C with a cape and a drink made into an ice glass.

Of course we also did our compulsory visit to the Holy See, a.k.a the Vatican. The smallest country in the World and the home to Francis the pope. We went to the St. Peters Square where the pope does his speaches and almost felt the holy precence watching the fountains and buildings lit up at night. Rome has been like walking through an open air museum which makes it one of the coolest cities that I have ever been to!