The Pacific in a Nutshell


The “To Sua Ocean Trench” (picture above) in Upolu, Samoa is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Together with it’s neighbor island Savaii, this country has some of the most impressing waterfalls, cliff walks, blowholes, caves and beaches of the island nations in the Pacific. Still there are some countries in the Pacific that are almost equally as impressing for the following reasons:

Vanuatu– most adventurous
Australia– best surf and party
New Zealand– best outdoors destination
Palau– best diving
Fiji– best beaches
Papua New Guinea– Most dangerous and most tribal
Tuvalu– Most “off the beaten track” and least touristy of them all

Tonga, Solomon Islands, Micronesia and the Marshall Islands were all quite interesting destinations, but could not as easily be described by just a few words like the others above. Should you still be curious to read about them you could do so on this link.

Alexander Downer, the former Australian Prime Minister announced in 2008 after having visited Nauru and Kiribati numerous times that they were the worst places he had to visit for his work. The first one I just visited for a few hours and got to see everything as there is practically nothing to do. The second one I arrived late, camped and left the next morning so I didn’t get to see a lot.

Have you been to any of these destinations and disagree with how they are described above? Feel free to drop a comment!