The Road from Mazar to Kabul

I had originally booked a flight from Mazar e Sharif, but when I heard that Noor from lets be friends Afghanistan was talking a client by road I decided to cancel my flight to join them. And it was the best decision I made in Afghanistan.

The journey started with crossing desert landscape in the Samangan province, then through some deep valleys before entering the Hindu Kush mountains. Towards the top, the roads started to deteriorate and as we entered the Salang Pass we drove through mud roads with deep holes and Russian built tunnels that had no light. From our ten o’clock start in Mazar to arriving in Kabul after dark around seven pm, I enjoyed every bit of the drive with a varied scenery on the way.

Regarding safety, there has been some cases where the Taliban previously have set up illegal checkpoints around Pul-i Khumri, but we didnt experience any of that. The road is considered safe, but in Afghanistan there are no guarantees so make sure to do your own research and get updated on the latest information before setting off on a road trip.