The Road to Angel Falls

Getting to Angel Falls is not an easy task, but I was lucky enough to get to tag along on a group of five who had arranged a private transfer with a Range Rover from Caracas to Puerto Ordaz, which was a 600km/10 hour car ride with several police stops along the way. After dark advised us to get a hotel room for the night, but instead we pushed through and arrived Puerto Ordaz at 10pm.

Arepas, Cachapas and Golfeados- delicious Venezuelan street food!

The next morning we were up early to make our flight which was supposed to leave around 8am, but did not leave before 1pm. Restaurants were not open at that time, so we went to a grocery store to get snacks- that was when I realized that shops in Venezuela have a lot of a few goods, and nothing of the things that are hard to come by (maybe because the trade sanctions) like shampoo and deoderant. That is probably also why parts of the shelves were stuffed while other parts were completely empty. Price tags were taped over and rewritten as the inflation made them being changed daily.

The plane was one of the smaller ones I have ever traveled with, and the noise from the propellars made it impossible to watch a movie on the hour long flight like I planned, but that was a good thing as the view from it was amazing. There were mountain formations very similar to the ones at Roraima national park and sitting in the front seat I was able to look over the shoulder of the pilot. The return flight from Puerto Ordaz to Canaima cost 92 dollars which was almost worth it just for the view from the air.

Photo creds: Our guide Karla on the left