El Salvador

The Surfers Paradise; El Tunco

“Dont skip el Salvador” is El Salvadors toursm slogan, and for good reason. Most people have’nt heard much about the country and are traveling from Guatemala to Honduras, skipping El Salvador.

The country is famous for its volcanoes, coffee and surfing. I got to test the latter while staying three nights in the small surf village of El Tunco, which was cheap and laid back.

Sleeping in a rental hammock was 5 dollars a night and each day of surf rental set me back 10 dollars. US dollars, which is the national currency here. The best was the national dish, “pupusas” which was tortillas with beans, cheese and tomato sauce, costing only 25cents a piece!

Apparently the town is famous for its party scene, but as I went to right after sunset to catch the waves around sunrise, I did not see any of that.

El Tunco has one beach break right by a massive rock and one point break far out in the ocean called “Sunzal” where I spent my whole time. Its a right hand break and it gets really busy from 8 to 9am and 3-4pm so I was mostly surfing before, between and after those times when I had the waves almost to myself and thought it was still good.

The surf conditions here were really good and that has gotten me excited for the surfing to come in Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama in the next few weeks!