Treasure Beach at the End of the World

It is not often that I say that places are over rated, but Treasure Beach in Jamaica fits the category. I had read about it in a Lonely Planet guide and thought that the place seemed perfect with no husslers and a quiet beach, which it also was, but that was about it.

First of all it was super hard getting there. I tried first to take a route taxi (local “bus”) but as I left in the afternoon on a Sunday I ended up stranded in Santa Cruz, which was not a pleasant or safe place to walk around so I asked a taxi driver to drive me the last hour from there to Treasure Beach which cost 50 US dollars.

Being there I also walked around to ask if I could hang up my hammock in the hotel grounds, but everywhere people just said we have never had someone doing that so I ended up booking a 30 dollar hotel room. So I was already way over budget and stranded in a place where the beach was so-so and there was nothing to do, except relaxing and visiting the Pelican Bar which I did with some Germans travelers on the third day.

The fishermen in Treasure Beach asked for 35 dollars per person to go there, so we took a bus to Black River instead where we met a fisherman who would take us for 15USD. The place was super chill and we had a couple of beers while sitting relaxed with out feet into the water before we headed on to Kingston later that day.

Watch this on my vlog, episode 4 here.