Burma, Indochina Discovery

Victoria Point (Kawthaung), Burma

Since we had entered Thailand through overland borders, we only got a 15 day visa, instead of the 30 days you would get from entering by air. 14 of these, we had already spent on the East- Coast of Thailand, so we had to make a quick trip to the neighbor country Burma.
Since travelling in Thailand is so convenient, we could easily book a visa run package that would take us from Koh Pangan to a Burmese border, and on to Krabi, where we had planned to spend the next few days. The trip went hassle free, even though we had to change from boat to bus, to boat, to bus, to boat, to bus, to boat before we reached our goal. All this in one day! Overland travels in Thailand can sometimes be the easiest thing in the world.
Here is a guide that helped us a lot to plan our visa run step-by-step.