Volcanoboarding in Léon

Everyone has been telling me to go to Léon, and now that I am here I don’t really find it that great. Everything is really worn down and all there is of sights is just churches and a couple of dull museum. But there is one thing to do here that is really awesome; volcano boarding!

I went with a company called Volcano Day which included a beer, entrance fee, transfer, guide, snacks, tshirt and a transfer to the beach town called Las Penitas- all for just 25dollars.

The trip started off at 8am with an hour drive to the volcano where we all carried our heavy boards up to the top before we put on our allovers, goggles and gloves before sliding off the edge.

My goal was to collect as much speed as possible and I am sure that I went more than 60km/h when I reached the bumps in the end which made me jump a couple of times before the board came to a halt (the record is 95km/h). Small rocks were flying hitting me in the face and my ass got quite sore from bouncing off the board at the end but I must say that this is definately one of the best cheap adrenaline kicks out there (ziplining, sandboarding does not nearly match up in adrenaline per dollar) so I’m happy that I went, even though it was really tough on my broken toe.

Update: I spent some more time in Léon after staing in Los Flores and realized that the city is much more nice away from the tourist steet. Closer to the Termino Station you will find cobblestone streets, nice churches and markets.