New Zealand

Wataimo Glowworm Caves


Wataimo town is a tiny place. There are just a few houses, a shop, a couple of cafés and then there are glowworm caves.
For those of you who do not know what a glowworm is, it is a kind of a larvae that has a tail glowing like a led light to attract flies and mosquitoes that they catch in their sticky strings hanging down from them, almost like a spider. After nine months as a worm they turn into a mouthless fly that mate, lay eggs and then dies of starvation just so that the cycle of life can repeat itself.
Around Wataimo there are over a hundred such caves and all kinds of expensive activities like tubing, abseiling and ziplining are offered where you also get to see what looks like a star sky of glowworms. Myself I just joined a fifty dollar walking tour that included a ten minute boat ride at the end which for me was just perfect.