Wedding in Gopalganj

Me and some girls at 60 dome mosque

The brother of the friend of my couchsurfing host was gonna get married in a small village outside on Gopaganj and asked me to come along. It was a three hour journey from Mongla and I had asked to stop at the Bagerhat UNESCO site Mosque on the way, so we ended up arriving quite late around 10pm where the wedding was well started.

We came right into the a show where people were supposed to put food in the mouth of the groom and receive food in return, which I still havent figured what would symbolize. I instantly got the attention of the two hundred guests as I arrived, and they demanded that I would go up and be fed by the groom and guests as well. I had been puking the whole way there and was afraid to have an accident on stage, but luckily I didnt.

The following morning, all the guests go on buses (some on top) to go to Khulna where the bride was from. Here we would eat a lot again and watch as the imam blessed the marriage before we took the girl back to the village where we had been the previous night. I could see that her make up has been ruined by tears, not did I know if it was sadness for having to leave her parents house forever or the Joy of getting married.

The third day was all about celebration. We ate food the whole and danced and sang karaoke all night. They were especially fond of watching a foreigner sing and dance (especially the young girls who seemed to also want to get married) so at the end I had to hide in a shop a kilometer away until the party died down and we could go to bed. Ive been to weddings in a few countries and must say that the Bangladeshi was an interesting one!

These two girls and the two young buys were especially excited about dancing with me