The Art of Minimalism

Most of you probably know that I have spent the last twenty months sleeping in a tent and living with only what I need: a phone, a pennyboard, clothes and my camping equipment. While I have been selling and giving away all I owned, the only thing I have bought has been the camping gear and I thought I would let know what and why:

1. Sleeping bag in order to make it through the Norwegian winter it has to be a warm one. Mine goes down to as much as -27°C.

2. Sleeping mat for the winter. This mat takes up more space than my tent, but it is invaluable for staying out on frozen ground. lmnts self inflatable mat

3. Inflatable sleeping mat for summer and backpacking: Exped Hyperlite S

4. Hammock tarp that can also be used to protect me from rain when using my bivvy bag: Sea To Summit Hammock Tarp

5. One person tent– It has survived 6 months of camping through Africa, its lightweight and easy to use: Alps Zephyr 1

6.Four to six person lavvu If I want to stay at the same spot for more than a week, eg. when camping in Svalbard : Helsport Varanger 4-6

7. Inflatable pillow: It is as big as an apple when packed and super comfortable!: Sea to Summit Aeros Ultra Light

8. Protection mat for my bivvy and tent- probably the reason why my tent has lasted that long: Alps Zephyr 1 floor saver

9. SWAG/Bivvy bag Super compact and completely waterproof- perfect when backpacking!: OR Helium Bivvy

10. One person hammock: Hand made in Ubud, Bali, paid only 20$!

11. Tree huggers: To leave as little imprint on the nature as possible when stringing my hammock to trees: Ticket to the Moon Tree Huggers

12. Thermal sleeping liner : makes it up to 10°C warmer, just by using this inside the sleeping bag: Sea to Summit Thermolite Extreme

13. Hammock mosquito net Because it is super comfortable to sleep in a hammock, but only when there are no bugs: Sea to Summit Hammock Bug Net


Sometimes when there is raining/snowing a lot I pitch my tent under more permanent roofing that I find in the woods

My most loyal tent, its cheap, quick to set up and really durable

My favorite, when I want to stay longer in one place than just a couple of days

The Bivvy will stay completely dry inside and is just to roll out and use

Sleeping outdors can be great when the forecast shows no wind or rain