A classical tour of Mauritius

Port Louis city center reminds me of Waikiki, Hawaii

The bus system in Mauritius is pretty amazing and going from the South to the North I only had to change bus once in the Port Louis. The capital city was almost like Waikiki in Hawaii, being well developed with lots of brand clothing shops and American fast food restaurants. I had a walk up to the city fortress for a view and visited the free UNESCO protected museum called the Aapravasi Ghat, which explains the history of the Indentured labourers (halfway slaves) of the sugar plantations.

Grand Bay city, the church and beach

Once in the North I visited the Mont Choisy Beach known as the most beautiful white sandy beach in Mauritius. The beach by sunset boulevard was also surprisingly clean with turquoise water and was a great place to sit and watch the sun set in the ocean.

Charmel waterfall, the seven colored earth and the giant tortoises was other must visits that made my Mauritius visit complete. As a bonus, when my couchsurfing host was driving me to the airport we randomly saw some pyramids on the middle of some sugar cane fields. Reading up on it, these pyramids have no name or no known history. Some were claiming that they were connected to the pyramids of the Pharaohs or to the ones in the Azores, others just claim that they are just a pile of rocks. Anyway it was cool to see something that is not mentioned in guidebooks that still remains a mystery to scientists.