A Guatemalan Christmas Celebration in Flores

Flores is an island town on the Lake Petén in Guatemala, connected to the mainland by a bridge. Most tourists here seem to come to see the famous Tikal Maya ruins, but Flores has been a great hang out city so we decided to stay here a couple of nights over Christmas as well.

It is small and has a bit Mediterranian feeling to it. A walk around the island takes less than half an hour and it was small enough for us to recognise the people who lived there. We booked a tour at one of the agencies here and a few hours later we met the same guys in the street and they welcomed us to celebrate Christmas Eve at their place.

They had bought lots of beer and two legs of port and veal that we helped them prepare on the barbeque. When the clock struck 12 everyone started shooting off fireworks and our friend who had brought us to the party pulled out his 9mm Glock pistol and started shooting wildly in the air. We partied with these crazy people until 2 am before catching the last boat back to Flores for the night.

Tamales: Guatemalan Christmas food similar to the Italian Polenta

Staying at Union Hotel where we could chill on the veranda and go swimming right outside in the lake was nice for the hangover day. We also went to El Peregrino to eat traditional Guatemalan christmas food on the 25th and discovered this local shaved ice drink they called “frutas con leche” which was super tasty and cost less than one US dollar. With our batteries charged a 110 per cent we will be heading to the highlands and Lanquin tomorrow!