A Shop on the Road (With Free Shipping!)

Did you know that you can order your travel gear from my page? During my many years of traveling I have found products that I use a lot and think every traveler should have. During the next few weeks I will add products under the “shop” tab in the top right corner, but at the moments these are the products that you can buy from my page:

Sleeping bag, ultra compact, 3 season

A super light, super comfortable, durable and colorful sleeping bag everyone should have on their travels                      345,- NOK/42,- USD





10 pack, soft silicone earplugs

They are connected with a cord, so that if they fall out they will be easy to find.                                                                                   100,- NOK/ 12,- USD




Solar powered lamp

Inflatable, waterproof, compact and light lamp that you can hang up on the tent roof or on top of your hostel bunk bed               200,- NOK/ 24,- USD