About Stealing Blog Posts

Using my article and a picture of my passport without admission is not okay


I love when people and organizations share my articles to friends and followers, but not when they are claiming to be the authors.

This happened to me recently while I was traveling in South Korea and got a random message on Twitter telling me that it was a good post up on the page “Life in Saudi Arabia“. She thought that I was the owner of the page, while in fact the owner of the page had just copied my text and the picture of my passport without making a single reference to the blog where he had taken the content from.

I tried reporting it to Facebook who did not care to take the post down, I wrote comments on their blog and Facebook page but all comments were deleted and I messaged and emailed the owner but all my messaged were ignored. There is nothing more for me to do than just sit and let them take all the credit for the travel hack that I found about getting a visa to Saudi Arabia.

I have always wanted to go viral, and now that I did it was without even getting any credit for it- the internet is not fair…