Costa Rica

Arenal and the Hot Volcano Springs

Arenal is known as one of the biggest and most active volcanoes in the world, and attracts visitors from all over the world. A great way of seeing it in action is to go to Hot Springs Arenal, which is a water park with freshwater that is naturally heated from the volcano. The water park consists of around 25 different pools, with slides and even bars and restaurants that you can go to while sitting in the hot pools. Almost all of the visitors are Americans and Europeans and it is clear that the water park is made as a tourist attraction. In the water park you will not hear when the volcano is having an eruption, but you will see a lot of people stopping what they are doing and flocking around the towers where the view is best. An eruption can last for around twenty minutes where you can see flames, lava and a lot of smoke coming out of the volcano. About two years ago, there was a case where some this smoke had killed some tourists in the water park, but when entering I was assured that this was a place that was almost a hundred percent safe to visit.