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Road Trip to Ghana Promo Video

Come join our road trip starting July 15th from Oslo.

More info on this page:

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Upcoming Projects

I’m finally back at my parents home in Finn√ły, after having completed another promotional tour through Norway the last weeks and am now ready to get started on my next projects.

First of all, I’ll working and saving up some money to buy a couple of cars that will be used on my first every organized tour: a roadtrip from Norway to Ghana, where I invite anyone who wants to join me.

Vikings in Africa, July-November 2019

In 2016 I drove with 15 other people all the way from Europe to South Africa which took 6 months. Now I want to do it again, except that I only want to drive the first part down to Ghana, which will take 4 months.

You are welcome to come with, even if you just want to join parts of it. Check out our tour page for more information:

Building a bottle school in Nepal, Jan-July 2020

When I first went to Nepal in 2019 I saw two things: there were soo many plastic bottles laying around and that there is a need for more schools.
Education is the single most important thing and for the community to clean up and contribute with empty plastic bottles will make them look at plastic bottles as a resource rather than trash that can be thrown in the nature.

Come join me here as well! You can contribute on this page or help out by signing up as a volunteer. You will find more info on