Bingin Life in Bali

When I landed around midnight in Denpasaar I headed straigt to the bar in Kuta to meet the people I would travel with the next twelve days in Bali.
The next morning we all headed south to the Uluwatu temple, where there were lots of monkeys and a nice strolling path along a steep cliff down by the ocean. The monkeys were really hustling us for food and we soon headed onwards to swim and chill at Uluwatu Beach.

I got in touch with some friends and colleagues from back home and agreed to meet them at Single Fin restaurant, which had one of the best athmospheres I have ever felt in a bar. There were several floors with bars along a cliff, where you at the bottom could go through a cave to get down to the ocean to surf the waves to the sound of the music from the restaurant.

After a few drinks we headed back to their place- a seven bedroom villa with a pool, cooks and such a chill place that I decided to ditch ny group tour for a couple of days and just surf and stay there instead.

We also chilled one day at Sundays Beach Club in Bingin, which was great! With 30U$ entrance fee you would get 15$ to drink for, access to a great private beach, cable car rides, infinity pools, sunbeds, kayaks, SUP boards etc. In the night we headed to Cashew Tree, a club packed with other backpackers and locals where I stayed until it closed and took a 1,5 hour motorcycletaxi ride up to Changuu the same night.