Ghana, Trans African Overlanding

Black Beached Limbe

The road on the border between Nigeria and Cameroon were by far the worst roads we had encountered on our trip. Some places there was a meter of water, there were potholes everywhere and one place there were tens of trucks and cars waiting to pass stretches of muddy roads where people had been getting stuck. With our four wheel drive we managed to drive steadily through it and even pull out a minibus along the way. Right after the worst roads we got to this beautiful long bridge that the Chinese had just built in the middle of the Cameroonian rainforest.
When we finally got to Limbé we parked up at Miramar-probably the most fancy hotel we had camped at with a couple of pools, a massive trampoline, a volleyball field and a view out to the many oil righs in the ocean. Apparently it was a place popular for Western expats when they came on shore and for tourists who would come to trek Mt. Cameroon, the highest mountain of West Africa which also was visible from Limbé city. Some people from the group also went on a three days trek to the top of the mountain, but after having been driving as much as we had I was more in the mood to use the facilities on our hotel and have some ultimate relaxation before continuing to the more big and hectic cities ahead.
Watching Eurovision on the phone in a bar