Bolivia, La Paz to Buenos Aires Adventure

Bolivia/Chile Desert Crossing, Day 2: Desert, Lagoons and Flamingos

The ones who wanted to get up to see the sunrise over the Salt Flats did so, while the rest of us just got up for breakfast around half an hour before leaving the hotel at eight. We knew we had lots of driving and lots of sights on our programme and even though it was early in the morning everyone were eager to get going.

Since we had forgotten to take a jumping group photo in the Salt Flats yesterday we did a quick stop to get it done on the way to Isla de Pescadores (3653m), a coral island with more than 6000 really old cactuses. The place also had an altar for sacrifice at the top, with a view of the Salt Flats on all sides. Quite a beautiful place to be, but unfortunately like every other stop along the way through the desert crossing, it was just for a short while before we got back in the car.

Our next stop along the way was in the tiny village of San Juan where we stopped for a lunch which included beer for some. Luckily for those it was not far to our next stop and bathroom break, a viepoint of “Volcan Ollague” which is an active volcano with a height of 5868 meters and smoke coming out from the top.

The last stops for the day, around half past five in the evening was Laguna Canapa with its many flamingos and Laguna Hedionada where we would spend our last night of the desert crossing at a freezing cold hotel in the height of 4186 altitude meters.