Grenada, Volunteering

Carriacou- Grenadas Quiet Side

Grenada is known for being one of the most developed places in the Caribbean, but the countries two smalles islands “Petit Martinique” and “Carriacou” are the oposite.

I spent three nights at a couchsurfing host in Carriacou and imagine it being what most Caribbean islands was like about 50 years ago- super laid back and relaxed with few shops, restaurants or people who want your money.

Carriacou is off the gringo trail, even though it has green hills for good hiking, some of my favorite beaches and clear water and healthy reef for diving. My couchsurfing host was a dive instructor and we both were invited to go lionfish hunting with the new Dive Carriacou center that was opening that day. I cought a small one, but all together we cought over 30 lionfish which was used to put together a barbeque for everyone who wanted to come. Lots of people from the sailboats showed up to eat the tasty creatures that are so damaging to so many eco systems. If wvery dive center would arrange a hunt and barbeque this might not have been a global problem any more- just sayin!