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Kingston and Port Royal

There didn’t seem to be much to do in Kingston so all we got to see was some parks, the Devon House, a crafts market and the Bob Marley Museum in Uptown. Leaving the museum there was a motorcyclist driving up to us, grabbing the phone of my friend and the driving off, so the rest of the day was spent at the police station writing reports.

In the night however, our so called Reggae Hostel got quite lively with new people checking in and an Israeli guy told me that he had heard of a local party at a place called WedyWedy that I decided to join him for. As the party didnt start until two a clock in the morning we headed to Husain Bolt’s new bar called tracksandrecords for a beer in a good athmosphere and when we came to the party afterwards it was absolutely crazy. People were doing “daggering” which maily consisted of lifting girls up by surprise, throwing them around and dry humping them. It seemed quite aggressive, vulgar and provocative to me at first but then I was explained that the girls considered themselves lucky and respected dancing that way.

In the morning of my flight I headed to the airport early together with a couple of Germans who were going the same way. I had earlier got a tip by a local who suggested asking a fisherman to take us on a 15minute boat ride from Port Royal to an island called Lime Cay, which was absolutely beautiful. We had the whole island to ourselves the hour we spent there and came back just in time for me to make my flight to Antigua the same day.

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Treasure Beach at the End of the World

It is not often that I say that places are over rated, but Treasure Beach in Jamaica fits the category. I had read about it in a Lonely Planet guide and thought that the place seemed perfect with no husslers and a quiet beach, which it also was, but that was about it.

First of all it was super hard getting there. I tried first to take a route taxi (local “bus”) but as I left in the afternoon on a Sunday I ended up stranded in Santa Cruz, which was not a pleasant or safe place to walk around so I asked a taxi driver to drive me the last hour from there to Treasure Beach which cost 50 US dollars.

Being there I also walked around to ask if I could hang up my hammock in the hotel grounds, but everywhere people just said we have never had someone doing that so I ended up booking a 30 dollar hotel room. So I was already way over budget and stranded in a place where the beach was so-so and there was nothing to do, except relaxing and visiting the Pelican Bar which I did with some Germans travelers on the third day.

The fishermen in Treasure Beach asked for 35 dollars per person to go there, so we took a bus to Black River instead where we met a fisherman who would take us for 15USD. The place was super chill and we had a couple of beers while sitting relaxed with out feet into the water before we headed on to Kingston later that day.

Watch this on my vlog, episode 4 here.

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Birday Celebration in Negril, Jamaica

My initial plan in Jamaica was to first spend a night in Montego Bay and then move on to Negril, but when I head from others on the plane that Montego Bay was just overfilled with tourists I decided to head straight to Negril instead.

There I got to camp at Roots Bamboo guesthouse which had super friendly staff and a good, laid back athmosphere. I walked up and down the Seven Mile Beach several times, which I actually found out was just four miles. Its a beautiful place, but it was a bit tiring that there were so many husslers/ beach boys who asked me every ten minutes if I wanted to buy ganja. Every time when I told them that I do not smoke I was asked to explain myself as they could absolutely not understand why I didnt. Everybody here smokes, every day, while working, driving or relaxing. All day. Even women while carrying their young children.

My birthday was coming up which called for a celebration. I had heard about Rick’s café which had live djs, music and entertainment. The athmosphere there was great and it had Negril’s best spot for sunset watching, but the best part was that it was on a cliff where you could jump from any height you wanted up to 11meters and watch the staff jump from 25 meters. Walking home from the bar I also met some locals who wanted to celebrate the birthday with me. They told me about this all inclusive bar called jungle where they would get us in with just painting our own stamps with a leaf that we had to pick from a resort garden and it worked. We just showed our self made stamp and could drink for free the whole night which felt like the perfect way of spending my 28th and my last night in Negril.

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Next up: Visiting all Carribean Countries in one go!

Next trip has just been booked and in one month I will set off on a trip with the goal to visit every country in the Carribean!

Im keeping my trip exactly 90 days to be covered by my credit card Insurance with Bank Norwegian, I will visit 19 new countries with 11 of them being Carribean Islands:

Bahamas: November 8th on a day Trip from Miami

Jamaica November from 10th to 16th of November

Antigua & Barbuda from 16th to 18th of November

St.Kitts & Nevis from 18th to 19th of November

Dominica from 19th to 23rd of November

Barbados from 23rd to 24th of November

St.Lucia from 24th to 26th of November

Saint Vincent & the Grenadines to Grenada from 26th of Nov- 5th of Dec

Trinidad & Tobago from 5th – 11th of December

Suriname to Guyana from 11th to 17th of December

Mexico, Belize Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua between 18th of December and 19th of January

Haiti to Dominican Republic from January 19th to February 2nd

I’ve just ordered a know roaming global SIM to log my travels on the way, so stay tuned!