The Bridges of Constantine

The third biggest city and a spectacle in the North, Constantine is a natural fortress created by the river Oued Rhumel which has carved out a deep gorge making it the perfect city for defense against intruders. There is remarkably little to see, considering how long and interesting story the city has, but there is […]


Tipaza and Chrea by Motorbike

My couchsurfing host in Algiers was the nicest and took two days off work when I visited and told me that he could take me anywhere I wanted with his motorbike. One place I had planned to visit by public transport was Tipaza, just 70 kilometer from the capital, but I am glad I didnt […]


Algiers “le blanche”

Algiers must have been one of the Worlds most beautiful cities at its height during the French colonial times. Most of the city is painted in white, giving the city its nickname “leblanche”, but some places it looks as if there has been no paint applied since Algeria got its independence in 1962, and the […]

Algeria, Diving

Diving in Polluted Algiers

Ive done dives in many countries and on all continents, but none as polluted as my dives in Algiers. My first dive was on a Friday afternoon when the busy was at its busiest with kids splashing around in the water. We dove down and spent around an hour on 9-10 meters dept. All I […]