Argentina, Brazil, Buenos Aires to Rio Overland

Iguassu Falls on both the Argentinean and Brazilian Side

Iguassu Falls is (one of) the biggest waterfalls in the World and connects Argentina with Paraguay and Brazil. It attracts over a million visitors every year and is one considered as one of the ”New Seven Wonders of the World”. It consists of 170 individual waterfalls together making up the broadest waterfall in the World. […]

Argentina, Brazil, Buenos Aires to Rio Overland

Overlanding through Argentina and Brazil

The last leg of our 3,5 month around the World journey has already started, which is a journey with an overland truck going for 21 days from Buenos Aires to Rio, through the drylands of San Ignacio and the wetland of the Pantanal, with stops at the Worlds biggest waterfall (in volume) in Iguassu, the […]

Argentina, Buenos Aires to Rio Overland, La Paz to Buenos Aires Adventure

Buenos Aires, my Favorite City in the Whole World!

Initially we were only supposed to stay one week in Buenos Aires and then travel on to Uruguay, but after just a couple of days in Uruguay we turned back to stay another week in Baires. With the very favorable economic situation for tourist here at the moment, we have lived like kings spending almost […]

Argentina, Gourmet Dining, La Paz to Buenos Aires Adventure, Wining and Dining

Dining in Buenos Aires, the Paris of South America

Normally I would not even mention food in my travel blog, but for our stay in Buenos Aires our restaurant meals deserve a chapter to themselves when talking about our travel experience in this city. Here we have eaten like never before on our trip and would like to share our reccommendation of some of […]