Benin, Trans African Overlanding

A Lesson of Benin History in Abomey

If you want to learn about Beninese history, the former capital of Abome is a good place to start. The Dahomey Kingdom, which it was called at the time, used to be huge stretching far through West Africa and Abomey was where the King had his palaces. We visited two of these, which now makes […]

Benin, Trans African Overlanding

Ganvie Stilt Village

During the 18th century when Europeans were buying slaves from Benin to use overseas, some peaple escaped to the lakes. The animist beliefs of the Beninese king at the time dictated that anyone who were living on these sacred waters should be spared so people went by the thousands and a stilt village was created. […]

Benin, Trans African Overlanding


Cotonou was noones favorite city. Streets were much more busy than Togos biggest city Lomé and options for camping were almost non existent. The city center was a huge roundabout with a red star and monument in the middle. The cool thing though was the super cheap motorcycle taxis that were practically everywhere and the […]

Benin, Trans African Overlanding

The Portuguese Colonial City Porto Novo

A lot of people believe that Cotonou is the capital of Benin and pass out on the quieter actual capital Porto Novo. Having spent the last couple of days looking for our group in Cotonou, Abomey-Calavi and Galvie without luck, me and Travis decided that we would just be tourists on our own in Porto […]

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Mapping My Posts and Future Travels

I just discovered a genius way of displaying all posts on a Google Map using Map My Posts. The widget works with WordPress and can be downloaded from this page. It is really easy to install and simple for people to use. It simply groups your posts by country and add them to a clickable map like […]