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About Stealing Blog Posts

Using my article and a picture of my passport without admission is not okay


I love when people and organizations share my articles to friends and followers, but not when they are claiming to be the authors.
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Categorizing the World

After visiting around 100 countries I have found it neccessary to further categorize the World Countries into sub regions to make room for all in the menus. Instead of historical or political regions I think the most simple yet specific way is using the geographical regions as follows:

Northern Africa – covering everything above the Saharan desert from Egypt to Morocco
Eastern Africa – Sub Saharan countries in the East ranging from Sudan to Mozambique
Western Africa – Sub Saharan countries ranging from Mauritania to Congo
Southern Africa – Everything between Angola and Zimbabwe down to South Africa

North and Eastern Asia – Everything from Russia to Japan
South Eastern Asia – All countries between PNG and Philippines to Myanmar
South Central Asia – Bangladesh to Iran, reaching from Khazakstan in the North to the Maldives in the South
West AsiaTurkey and Israel to Oman and the rest of the Gulf States

South America
Northern South America – Ecuador to French Guiana
Western South America – Peru to Chile
Eastern South America – Brazil to Argentina

North America
Northern America – USA and Canada
Central America – The continental countries from Mexico to Panama City
Carribean – all island nations in North and South America

Northern Europa – Skandinavia and Great Britain
Eastern Europe – The Baltics down to Turkey
Central Europe – Germany and the landlocked countries around it
Southern Europe – Greece to Portugal

North Pacific – Palau, Micronesia, Marshall Islands
South Pacific – The remaining small island nations ranging from Solomon Islands to the Cook Islands
South Western Oceania – Being the bigger countries Papua New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand

On a map it would look somehow like this:

World Regions

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New Theme, Name, Template and Focus!

So, I have finally taken the step of moving my page from Blogger to a self hosted WordPress page. This will give me more freedom of customizing my page and posts as I wish instead of being restricted by Google. My old blog has moved to!


The second thing you probably have noticed is the name and theme of the page. The page will be simple and consise and I will focus only on one thing, namely travels in the Worlds 201 countries. Stay tuned!



P.S if you are looking for something that is missing from the page it is probably because I have split up the content into two pages, where you will find the rest (downhill biking, snowboarding etc) on my other blog:

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And the adventure begins..

First of all: welcome to my blog and thank you for taking time to read what I have to say. With my blog, I wish to write about the adventures I will go on, to give you a little impression about my travels and share travelling experiences with you. I will try my best to put my experience into words, and hope that you will learn something from this blog, or just have have fun reading it.