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Weekend Trip to Whistler, Canada Video

“So, do you have any plans for the¬†weekend? ” “Ehh, just going to Canada for a couple of days to go skiing”


A Weekend trip to Vancouver, Canada

A luxury problem you might say but at first I had no idea what to do with the two free tickets I had won through a sales incentive at the travel agency where I work. I could chose from any North American destination offered by KLM any time of the year, but I had no […]

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Skiing Whistler Blackcomb, Canada

The reason for visiting Canada this weekend was not to see Vancouver, but to visit the Worlds best Ski Town, Whistler and to try out the massive slopes that the mountain has to offer.   Instead of staying at the expensive lodges in the valley we stayed in Vancouver and chose to go on day […]


Driving to Canada from the US

When spending half a year living near the border of Canada I felt like it was almost compulsory for me to cross the border at least once, so this weekend that I spent in Minneapolis we took a daytrip over to one of the towns on the other side of the border called Thunder Bay. […]

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The Windy City of Chicago

¬† First off, I would have to share with you something that I learned just recently: The nickname of Chicago, the Windy City, does not come from the cold winds blowing from Lake Michigan. The Windy City refers to all the wonderful things that were said about Chicago all over the United States at the […]