China, Iran, Kazakhstan, The Silk Road, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan

Our Trip Along the Silk Road Summarized

The picture is taken from the webpages of Vodkatrain who operate the tour     The Silk Road has its name from the trade of silk and other things between Asia and Europe, but the routes used were actually many. They all go through Central Asia, through changing landscape, countries and cultures. On my trip […]

China, The Silk Road

A Peek Into the Local Life in Urumqi, China

When getting off the train in Urumqi (pronounced Uru-Muchi), the capital of the Xinjang province, we felt that we were no longer in China, but in one of the Central Asian countries. This was muslim China and food, people, buildings etc were much different to what we had seen in Beijing. When asking Chinese people […]

China, The Silk Road

Spring in Beijing

Only fog, rain and wind when we were at the Great Wall I had arrived with the night train from North Korea early in the morning and was looking forward to meeting my friend Robert who would join me on a month long trip along the Silk Road. I had already seen the most important […]

China, Trans Mongolian Railway

Last Stop: Beijing

Beijing has proven to be a worthy finishing point for our 7000 kilometer long train ride, much so because it has been so different than any of the other stops along the way. The first thing we did when getting off was to go out and literally get a taste of what the city had […]