Cuba, Diving

Diving in Cayo Largo, Cuba

At the end of a tripĀ discovering the Cuban islands, it was also time to seeĀ if it was just as beautiful under water as it was above. At first I had been a bit concerned, as Cuba has a trade blockade with the US that even include the recognition of the American PADI standards. Luckily the […]

Cuba, Sailing

Cayo Largo and Cayo Rico

6am I woke up by myself, having slept almost twelve hours. I got the sunrise all to myself since most of the others did not wake up before breakfast an hour later. The plan of the day was to start off with a bit of snorkeling around a shipwreck just a few minutes away from […]

Cuba, Sailing

Cayo Cantiles, the Big but Deserted Island

At sunrise around 6.30 am the boat started moving so that everyone was up for a breakfast while sailing. On the program today was visiting Cayo Cantiles, a pretty big island where there were 4 locals living together with wild monkeys, flamingos and “hutias” which was a huge rat like animal that the locals ate, […]

Cuba, Sailing

Cayo Sal, a Tiny Island in the Canarreo Archipelago

We had reached Cayo Largo at 2am in the morning where everyone had woken up by the anchor being dropped, but had gone to sleep again until breakfast at 7am. That repeated itself throughout the journey, where people went early to bed and woke up right after sunrise between six and seven Being fully rested […]