Downhill Biking, New Zealand

Biking the Redwood Forest

Just a twenty minute bike ride from Rotorua you find some fantastic bike tracks in what is known as the Worlds biggest man made forest. The bike park is free to enter, so all it costs to go would be the rental of bikes. Half a day set me back thirty dollars including a helmet […]

Biking, Downhill Biking, Norway, Sweden

Downhill Biking in Norway and Sweden

“With its many mountains, Norway has got to be a great place for Downhill biking” I am not sure if the guy I met in Brazil was telling me this or asking me this, but it was true. During this and last summer I have gotten to try out some of the many tracks you […]

Bolivia, Downhill Biking, La Paz to Buenos Aires Adventure

Cycling Los Yungas aka “the Death Road”

Months ago, around the same time we booked our around the world tickets, we also booked a day tour activity called the “Death Road”. An old trade route where hundreds of trucks had fallen down the steep cliffs that followed the narrow road that today is mainly used for cyclists. This day trip had been […]

Downhill Biking, Ecuador

Going up to a height of 5000 meters in Cotopaxi National Park

6.45 a white pickup with bikes on the back was waiting for us outside our hostel. Inside was our guide and an 67 year old lady from England who were going with us up to the Cotopaxi Volcano, which has the second highest summit in Equador at 5897 meters above sea level. On the way […]