Keren is a historical, cultural and beautiful city on the Northern foothills of Eritrea. It is the countries second biggest city, home to many of its many tribes, including the Bilen and the Tigre which account for 80% of the countries population. To me, Keren felt a bit like Sudan, with men wearing thawbs (long […]


Asmara- The Capital of Eritrea

Arriving im Asmara was like stepping out of a time machine. Driving from the airport to the city center we passed art deco buildings like the Fiat Tagliero, horse and donkey carriages and small”mr bean” like fiat cars. Along the street there were coffee bars where people were sipping 50cent machiatos and reading the newspapers. […]



Massawa is a city on the cost of Eritrea, about 120 kilometer North West of the capital Asmara. Buses leave all day when full, cost 31Nakfa/1,6USD and takes about five hours driving along some of the most beautiful serpentine roads I’ve seen. Alongside the road, for the most part, was a rail road built by […]

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This Trip’s Top Visa Nightmares

I’ve had my fair share of frustrating visa experiences, but the last ones here in Africa deserves to be on the top of my list. Sudan visa was surprisingly quick and easy after expecting the worst. They didn’t even bother including my last name! Equatorial Guinea: is famous for being the World’s hardest visa to […]