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A Little Reunion in the French Riviera

When I came to St. Cyprien it was time for a new reunion. This time it was with people that I studied together with in the US last year. My French friend had rented a cabin right by the beach in St. Cyprien where we put up a tent, and stayed for three sunny days before we continued our trip further south. During our stay we played tennis, went to the swimming pools, stayed on the beach and visited the second biggest marina for private boats. I also discovered the geniality of travelling with a tent, which is a far better idea than sleeping on the beach at daytime, as that gave me a sunburn from hell. With the heavy backpack that I am carrying, I think my shoulders are going to get a little extra sore the next few days.
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Rushing through Paris and Brussels

Since the all the trains between London and Paris were full for the next few days, we had to improvise and go to Brussels instead. When we got there it was pretty late, so we ended up just walking through the city in the evening and spent the night at the train station with all the other interrailers who hadn’t found a place to sleep. Sleeping either on the trains or at the train stations was something we did almost every night, as this saved us for a great deal of money, and kept us warm during when it was freezing outside.
After taking the morning train from Brussels, we got to Paris around 9 a.m and had the whole day to go see the Eifel Tower and eat as much French food as we could before catching the night train down to the French Riviera.