Ghana, Trans African Overlanding

Kribi With Africa’s Only Ocean Waterfall

Kribi is on the South West coast of Cameron and is a popular stop for people travelog through the country. Not only does it have Cameroons best beaches, but it also boasts of having Africa’s Only waterfall that runs straight into the ocean. We stayed at Tara plage, right on the beach and could walk […]

Ghana, Trans African Overlanding

Black Beached Limbe

The road on the border between Nigeria and Cameroon were by far the worst roads we had encountered on our trip. Some places there was a meter of water, there were potholes everywhere and one place there were tens of trucks and cars waiting to pass stretches of muddy roads where people had been getting […]

Ghana, Togo, Trans African Overlanding

WLI Waterfalls on the Togolese Border

After visiting a couple of beach towns in Ghana it was time to see one of the country’s natural beauties called the WLI Waterfalls. After a couple of days drive from Accra we had reached our destination which was laying directly on the border of Togo. Because it was on the borderland it was compulsory […]

Ghana, Trans African Overlanding

A Fresh Breeze in Cape Coast

Getting into Ghana was a delight after having spent over three months elsewhere in West Africa. The main language in West Africa is French. That is, with the exception of Nigeria and Ghana where they speak English. Ghana is also known as a West Africa for beginners as it has more stability, a better infrastructure […]

Ghana, Trans African Overlanding

Kokrobite Beach in Greater Accra

Having to wait for Benin and Angola visas to be finished at the embassies in Accra, we had plenty of days to kill. Accra is not the most exciting city, so most of the group stayed 50 minutes away at Big Millie’s Backyard in Korobite while others headed back to Cape Coast. Taking so called […]