India, Pakistan

The notorious India-Pakistan border

Ive seen some bizarre traditions like the voodoo ceremonies in Burkina Faso, Womens wrestling in Bolivia, a rat worshipping Temple in India and spinning Soufis in Sudan, but the closing ceremony at the Wagah border between India and Pakistan is definitely on among the top of those experiences. I had cought a six dollar uber […]


Saying Goodbye to India from Calcutta

After having literally two months of only sun, we were destined to have one single day of rain before we left. Magically enough, this came on our last day, when we were about to leave for Thailand. It was not only the weather which had made us ready to leave the country, don’t get us wrong, we […]


Varanasi: the Beating Heart of the Hindu Universe

The city of Varanasi centers on the holy river of Ganges, where people from all over India come to wash away a lifetime of sins. It’s the perfect place for “people watching”, where you can mingle with the fascinating mixture of people who come here not only for a ritual bath but also to wash clothes, […]


Couchsurfing in Khajuraho

Couchsurfing* was something we had wanted to do for a long time, but since the average standard of an Indian home can be quite different than we are used to, we were a little bit skeptical to try it here. We had earlier been contacted by a couchsurfer in Khajuraho who seemed genuinely nice. His […]