Traveling as a Tourist in Libya in 2018

People told me that I was insane to go to Libya at this time, four years into the country’s brutal civil war, at a time where they dont issue tourist visas because of the situation. I had even been denied entry to Tunisia because of my intention of visiting Libya and it was just lucky […]


Tripoli, the Capital of Libya

Marcus Aurelius Arch from 165 A.D Tripoli, also called Tarabulus in Arabic is the capital and largest city in Libya. The city was founded by the Phoenicians in year 700BC and because of its long history there are many sites of Archeological significance like the Roman gates that you will find next to popular caf├ęs […]

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Leptis Magna

Leptis Magna- the place I had been looking forward to the most on my trip to Libya. Its located in Khoms, 130km (81miles) East of Tripoli and I had to pass a total of eight militia checkpoints to get there from the capital. The name of the Roman city comes from Latin with Magna meaning […]


Sabratha- A Favorite for Both Me and the ISIS

Sabratha was for me the highlight of my visit to Libya. I had been a bit concerned about going there before I went. By googling Sabratha you will get a lot of articles about the fightings that were going on there until about four months ago. Sabratha was afterall under ISIS control and was then […]