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Passing the artic circle between Tromsø and Bodø

Right after Bodø I came to the building and monument marking the artic circle. Here there was a post office where you could get both your passport and your post cards stamped, together with a souvenier shop.

On the way I also passed a unique place called “Marmorslottet” meaning the Marble Castle. It was a fairly easy hike and the view at the end was absolutely stunning. Through thousands of years the glacierwater had been shaping the marble rocks to the share they are today.

Once in Tromsø I was also lucky enough to see the Northern lights one night. On my freday I hiked up to Nattmålsfjellet on Kvaløya to get some fresh air before spending the next day driving 18 hours/1100kilometers from Tromsø to Trondheim in one day.

A quick shower on the way

Beautiful colors in Rondane National Park

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KILROY Tour 2018

I am currently traveling around Norway in a campervan to promote KILROY travels, stopping in the following cities:

Fredrikstad: 27. august
Skien: 28 august
Arendal: 28. august
Kristiansand: 29. august
Stavanger: 3. september
Haugesund: 4. september
Bergen: 5. september
Sogndal: 6. september
Volda: 7. september
Ålesund: 10. september
Kristiansund: 11. september
Trondheim: 12. september
Bodø:17. september
Harstad: 18. september
Tromsø: 19. september
Steinkjer: 25. september
Lillehammer: 26. september
Oslo: 27. september

The presentations are about how YOU can start traveling the World with KILROY and some stories from my own travels. Fredrikstad Blad wrote an article about my first presentation on this page and there will be many more to come, so feel free to come meet me for a travel talk in the city near you. There will also be a travel quiz where you can win 2000kr gift card for travels, so be there or be square!

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The Coastal Route from Steinkjer to Bodø

Klumpen viewpoint in Namsos

The Coastal Route (Kystriksveien, N17) from Steinkjer outside of Trondheim to Bodø in the North is said to be one of the most scenic drives in the World.

In Brønnøysund you can stop for a hike up to Torghatten- a quite unique tunnel located 250meters above sealevel in a granite mountain with good views of the sea.

From there you can take a ferry to Vega (which I did by mistake and had to wait until the next day to return) which is one of four UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Norway due to the many species of birds that live out on the smaller archipelago islands.

On Alsten Island you will also drive past “the Steven Sisters” mountain range which is seven mountain tops famous for hiking. It was no problem waiting a couple of hours at Forvik ferry terminal where I saw a double rainbow when walking through the cemetary, visited the open air museum and the neaeby peteoglyphs said to be 5000 years old.

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Trollstigen, Romsdalseggen and the Great Atlantic Road

When you get to the sign saying Rauma Kommune on the National road 63 then you know you are in for a treat. From there you will have a descent into serpentine roads like nowhere else called Trollstigen.

This drive leads you into the municipality of Møre og Romsdalen which is also famous for the Great Atlantic Road and the mountains around Åndalsnes.

I wanted to hike the 8hour mountain ridge called Romsdalseggen, but as I had to move on to make it to my presentation in Ålesund later in the evening I had to satisfy by just hiking one hour along the same path where I got to a view point called “Rampestreken” below.

The bridges along the Great Atlantic Road

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Geirangerfjord and Gudbrandsjuvet

Looking in at the Geirangerfjord at night

Geiranger is possibly the most famous of the Norwegian fjords. Also because it was the inspiration for the Walt Disney movie Frozen from 2013.

To me, Geiranger is not the greatest. It is a small town made up mostly by restaurants, spas and hotels aimed at foreign tourists.

I was more fond of the place called Gudbrandsjuvet, where you could walk along trails through a narrow ravine close to Valldal. Here there are also some fancy hotels with class walls overlooking the Valldøla River where the British movie “Ex Machina” was filmed.

The trails in Gudbrandsjuvet leading to the place where the british movie “Ex Machina” was filmed