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Visiting Lisbon

Lisbon. What a great city. It has good food, good surfing waves, rich culture and lots and lots of beautiful sights.

I got to spend three nights in the city and it was not nearly enough. For people like me who like to just walk around and explore, is the perfect place where you probably could spend a couple of weeks and still discover new things.

The only thing I did not like was the amount of tourists in the city. And if it had been summer Im sure it would even have been double of what it was in January. I had originally planned to ride the famous #28 line cable car, but when I saw the huuge line of tourists waiting at Martim Moniz stop where the tram starts from I lost all interest. Instead I decided to walk the whole 7km tram line where I got to see everything in my own pace.

The view from this tower cost me 2€

Lisbon really is a nice city to walk around, but it was frustrating that they put entrance on absolutely everything. It cost almost 10€ to visit the castle, whereas the rest of the World a place like that would have been free.

The view from the Landscape Hostel

The city parks were also great. It was january and still there were 20 degrees out, which is the reason why it was possible for turtles and beobab trees to live there. Lisbon is a city I could see myself living in at some point. At least I will come back to spend some more time here.

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Portugal and the Algarve Coast

DSC02318 DSC02352

As a 25 years wedding anniversary celebration my parents had booked flight tickets to Faro for the whole family and rented a villa for a week in Luz, close to the city of Lagos. 

Most of the days were spent sunbathing and swimming at the beaches along the Algarve Coast. Out of the three beaches we visited (Luz, Lagos and Albufeira) I thought Luz was the one I liked the most. Even though it was small, a bit rough and lacked sun chairs I found it good to be left alone from sellers, waterscooters and hundreds of other tourists. 

In the evenings we went out eating and drinking in Lagos. The atmosphere in the restaurants was good during the evenings, but in the night it became flooded with noisy British and Scandinavian tourists and loud music.

I must say that family trips have changed quite a bit since the last time I was on one(about 10 years ago!). The main difference was to have freedom of doing whatever I wanted: I could sleep through the mornings, I could take a taxi to go out in the neighbor town Lagos, or just lay by the beach or the pool sipping beer. 

Even though beach holidays are not my favorite, I had a really good time. All in all, it was probably the best and the last family trip of this kind.



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