Senegal, Surfing

Surfing Dakar

Instead of going up to St.Louis where I had been just a few months earlier, I decided to spend five days in the Senegalese capital of Dakar. From what I had heard the city had good nightlife and great waves for surfing, but when you spend hours in the water surfing in the day you […]


Pilgrimage to the Touba Mosqué

For one week every year in november about 3 million Soufi muslims visit the mosque in the middle of Touba city, making it the second biggest muslim pilgrimage in the World, after Mecca. Touba is the holy City of Mouridism as its founder, Shaikh Aamadu Bambà Mbàkke was buried there. Today it is forbidden to […]


The Sine Saloum Delta

Shell Island- a big island completely made up of seashells Even though it was not quite an Okawanga experience, the Sine Saloum Delta in Senegal was worth a visit. There was no animals to see and the landscape was much like elsewhere but it was the interactions with the locals that made our stay there. […]


Celebrations in Cap Skirring

Since roads had been improved greatly since Dragoman was last running tours in West Africa the Chinese had come and roads had improved greatly. Instead of driving for three days from Fouta Djallon to Bissau City we used three, which meant that we could spend four days in Cap Skirring instead of three. I would […]