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Southern Circle AFRICA | Travel Evening

 Tuesday, October 15th Kilroy Travels Trondheim organizes a travel evening from 6PM to 8PM in Nattergalen Café where me and a colleague will tell you all you need to know about traveling in Africa. The teaser below is from a trip called Southern Circle which will be the main theme for the presentation, but we will also give […]

South Africa, Southern Circle

Krüger National Park

Kruger National Park was the one safari places I had had mixed feelings about. I knew that it was home to all of the big five and the chances of some good animal spotting was quite big, but the park had always had a commercialized ring in my ears. We had also arrived in the […]

South Africa, Southern Circle

Pre Arrival in Jo’burg

Because of the tour starting very early in the morning, we decided to arrive one day early and spend the day in Johannesburg. As we had the whole day to ourself and nothing on the agenda we asked our airport transfer jouffeur to drive by Johannesburg city center so that we could have a quick […]

South Africa

One semester spent in South Africa

After five weeks of travelling in Europe and the Middle East I arrived the place where I was supposed to study in Cape Town, South Africa in September. To study in Africa was a decision I had put a lot of thought into, as I wanted to experience something new, and get to know a […]

South Africa

The Garden Route and Route 62

The Garden Route is probably the most internationally known driving route in South Africa, and that is with good reason. Within a few hundred kilometers there is a lot of variety when it comes to nature, wildlife, activities and sights. When planning to drive the Garden Route it is important to take time into consideration, […]