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Life in St. Kitts and Nevis

Upon arrival at Robert L. Bradshaw airport in St. Kitts I was met by my dutch couchsurfing host Lennart, who had come to pick me up on his scooter. He also drive me around the Southern Part of the Island, making the most of the two days I had there.

We went all the way to the Southernmost point, to the harbour where the boats to the second island, Nevis, went from. From there it was just a short drive to my favorite place on the island, the Reggae Bar at Turtle Beach. They had some good lunch, cold beers and a nice, quiet beach. It used to be famous for having a giant pig called Wilbur walking around, but unfortunately he had passed away s couple of years ago, but I believe he was there with us in spirit.

Second up was Shipwreck bar at South Friars Bay where there were lots of monkeys running around, famous from the BBC episode where it shows how they steal drinks from tourists and get absolutely smashed (watch it here).

Last up was “the Strip” which was a beach full of bars where there were lots of American students partying. Apparently the American universities pay no tax in St. Kitts making their programs more affordable. The last night on the island was spent in my hammock just five mins from the airport, where there was a celebration of the first day of Sugar Mas (the St.Kitts national carnival) so parades were going through the streets right next to my camp almost the whole night until I left for my Dominica flight early the next morning.

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Next up: Visiting all Carribean Countries in one go!

Next trip has just been booked and in one month I will set off on a trip with the goal to visit every country in the Carribean!

Im keeping my trip exactly 90 days to be covered by my credit card Insurance with Bank Norwegian, I will visit 19 new countries with 11 of them being Carribean Islands:

Bahamas: November 8th on a day Trip from Miami

Jamaica November from 10th to 16th of November

Antigua & Barbuda from 16th to 18th of November

St.Kitts & Nevis from 18th to 19th of November

Dominica from 19th to 23rd of November

Barbados from 23rd to 24th of November

St.Lucia from 24th to 26th of November

Saint Vincent & the Grenadines to Grenada from 26th of Nov- 5th of Dec

Trinidad & Tobago from 5th – 11th of December

Suriname to Guyana from 11th to 17th of December

Mexico, Belize Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua between 18th of December and 19th of January

Haiti to Dominican Republic from January 19th to February 2nd

I’ve just ordered a know roaming global SIM to log my travels on the way, so stay tuned!